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Airgun Technology is one of the manufacturers of bullpup PCP air rifles in the Czech Republic, a leading nation in the sector. Known for always being at the forefront of technology and design, it has met with great success among shooters all over the world to always seek the greatest ease of use and loading speed, combined with excellent performance of power and precision.

The Uragan rifle, in caliber 5.5, combines the exceptional performance of PCPs with unparalleled ease of use. The biathlon-style charging lever is placed in such a way that it can reload while maintaining balance and sight on the target, for perfect shooting sessions without losing the rhythm. The lever can also be easily installed on both sides of the rifle, for optimal use even for left-handed shooters.
The composite alloy tank is designed to have a capacity of 530cm³ and a pressure of 300 Bar and at the same time maintain a low weight, which results in a balance even higher than the high standards of bullpups.
The barrel produced by CZ with cold forging, 570mm long, guarantees exceptional performance in terms of accuracy and constant shooting.
The upper and lower weaver slides allow the installation of optics and bipods, while the front handguard is equipped with M-Lok housings for installation of other accessories such as laser and flashlight.

Version with polymer stock, light and resistant.

Caliber: 5.5mm
Total length: 830 mm
Barrel length: 570 mm
Weight: 3,500 kg
Magazine capacity: 12 shots
Safe: manual
Tank: 530cm³ / 300 Bar

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