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REVOLVER 4.5 Cal. RHINO 50DS BLACK 5 '' CHIAPPA (440.085)


The Chiappa Firearms Rhino is certainly not a conventional model in appearance, but it turns out to be the most innovative product in revolver technology of the last decade. In fact, it has improvements: it activates the shot in the lower part of the drum, instead of in the upper one, this allows to reduce the lifting of the muzzle and the recoil, which, thanks to the lowering of the barrel axis, is transferred into the palm of the hand of the shooter.

It is also equipped with a hexagonal drum with the capacity of 6 cases which minimizes the width of the revolver.

Its aluminum construction and barrel cover make this revolver light and easy to use and carry.

Equipped with slide under the barrel for housing a laser or torch.


Model: Rhino
Power: <7.5 joules
Operation: 12 gr CO2 cans
Scarrellante: No
Barrel: smooth
Caliber: 4.5 mm
Number of shots: 6 spherical
Total length: 24.1 cm
Weight: 1300 gr

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