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CO2 PISTOL H&K P30 DUAL BLACK CAL. 4.5 - UMAREX (402.00.00)

CO2 GUN CAL 4.5mm

Replica of the P30 by Heckler & Koch, it is the most versatile Umarex air gun. Combining the shooting quality of fixed barrel plummet guns with the impact strength of steel balls, thanks to the possibility of using sinkers or spheres separately, it's like having 2 guns in one.
Formidable in precision shots like all fixed barrel Umarex, it becomes an irresistible dynamic shooting weapon when used with its 15-round single-stack magazine.
Ability to shoot in single or double action for the most complete shooting experience possible.
In black version.

Caliber: 4.5 mm
Output speed declared: 120 m / s
Magazine: 8-round drum or single-row with 15 steel balls
Shooting mode: Semi-automatic in single or double action
Rear sight system: Adjustable rear sight for drift
Barrel length: 85 mm
Total length: 18 cm
Weight: 770 g

Rigid case
2 drum loaders for pellets
1 single-wire magazine for steel balls (included in the Co2 magazine)
1 adapter to allow the passage of the balls to be used instead of the drum
Instruction booklet

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