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The PTS® Enhanced Polymer Magazine ONE, or EPM1, is the most advanced and highest capacity spring loaded AEG magazine ever produced. Aptly named EPM1, the magazine is FIRST in many ways:
EPM1 is the first collaborative development between PTS and Odin Innovations
The EPM1 is the first AEG spring loaded magazine to compete with the capacity of a high cap magazine
EPM1 is the first AEG magazine with a "Fuel Gauge" window to indicate full or remaining pellet load
EPM1 is the first magazine to reliably achieve both high load capacity and high rate of fire

Externally, the EPM1 has also been significantly updated. As with the original EPM and all PTS polymer products, the EPM1 shell is made with Dupont Zytel® polymer which makes it extremely durable and tough. Another carry-over feature is the continuous guide of the magnetic shaft to reduce entanglement when extracting or inserting into the pockets or well of the rifle.
Our unique EP texture has been implemented on the shell to give the magazine a positive texture for better grip and tactile feel. The texture along the spines has been modified into ridges for even more positive tactility and allows the EPM1 to be compatible with the Magpul Maglink® coupler.
The base plate of the EPM1 has also been completely redesigned. Sliding design makes the baseplate more durable and resistant to damage or bursting if the charger is dropped. It's also noticeably thinner than first-generation EPMs, so stacking magazines in bags or storage takes up less space than before.
The heel of the basepad is angled to act as a monopod during supported shooting and, as before, a marking matrix is incorporated into the basepad for identification of the magazine. The ribbed front protrusion that provides positive indexing of the magazine when pulling out of a pouch or plate holder is now incorporated into the main body of the EPM1.
The new improved magazine follower is the result of our design collaboration with Deranged Designs. The improved follower maintains concentrated spring pressure in line with the bb stack instead by adding lateral pressure to the bb stack and against the magazine bb channel walls.
This new follower design greatly improves the feed rate and texture of the bb and completely prevents the bbs from slipping past the follower and creating a jam.
The most significant and innovative external feature of the EPM1 is the fuel gauge window. With the new unique orange charger level indicator,
you can immediately know if the magazine is full, its approximate remaining capacity or if the magazine is empty. When the magazine is fully loaded, the magazine level indicator will be displayed at the top of the window. As you shoot the bb from EPM1,
the orange indicator will move along the window until it reaches the bottom of the window, at which time the magazine will be emptied.

Dupont Zytel® polymer shell
170 BB capacity
Orange charger level indicator
High efficiency compression spring
Low friction inner shell
Unique magazine shaft guide that reduces entanglements
EP dot pattern texture for better grip
New polymer base plate with angled surface and dot matrix
The new follower design prevents bbs jamming

Material: Dupont ™ Zytel high performance reinforced polymer
Dimensions: 140 x 72 x 26 mm
Weight - about 160 g
Capacity: 170 shots

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