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T4E HDP 50 PISTOL CAL.50 UMAREX (2.4765)


The HDP (Home Defense Pistol) in .50 caliber is a very useful home defense tool. With over 7 Joules of power, it is able to stop and deter bad guys without causing permanent damage, thanks to the hard rubber ammunition.
The weapon designed to be kept at home ready for use: thanks to the lower activation button, it can be activated immediately only when needed.
Possibility of using different types of ammunition for testing with talc or paint as well as various types of rubber.

Caliber: .50
Magazine: Monofilament of 6 rounds
Shooting mode: Semi-automatic
Sighting system: Fixed rear sight and fiber optic front sight
Total length: 21.3 cm
Weight: 682 g

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