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HUB RODS T4E HDS .68 DB Co2 UMAREX (2.4763)


The T4E line is enriched with this sawn-off shotgun in .68 caliber that combines power and speed.
The gun is designed to be kept at home ready for use: thanks to the activation button on the stock, it is possible to activate it with a small blow on the back, activating it only when needed.
It is also equipped with a selector to choose whether to fire both shots at the same time, or only the right or left one. It also features a Picatinny rail for accessories and a pressure gauge.


Caliber: .68
Number of shots: 2
Total length: 490 mm
Weight: 1700 g

NB: The compressed air guns on the site can only be purchased in person at our store. Sale via shipping is not possible.

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