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Czech manufacturer Kalibrgun presented the new Capybara model at IWA 2017. It was immediately the most requested novelty on the market. After two years of work and ending up making everything work fine, it's finally on sale.

The Capybara stands out for several innovations. The largest is certainly the new integral silencer that covers the entire barrel and has the shape of a monobloc. The barrel is 480 mm long. A big plus is also the wooden cheek pad which is already part of the air rifle. In addition, there is a wooden handle on the cartridge that can be placed. The air tank has a capacity of 200 cc of air.

Also new is an indicator, which shows whether the air rifle is armed or not. It is located on the back of the body. In the rear of the stock there is also a magazine hole which has a new design and is not preloaded by a spring. Then you can load the pellets in any order.

The cocking lever is located on the right side just above the trigger.

In the future it will be possible to purchase a special kit that will convert this rifle into semi-automatic mode. So you won't have to reload after every shot.

Shooting mode: charging
Security: yes
Weight: 3300 g
Total length: 750 mm
Barrel length: 480 mm
Mounting guide: 22 mm
Shooting range: 18
Caliber: 5.5mm
Weapon type: shotgun
Mechanism type: PCP
Gun butt: wood

NB: The compressed air guns on the site can only be purchased in person at our store. It is not possible to sell by shipping.
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