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S&W M29 CO2 .4.5 BB3 "CAL.4.5 UMAREX PISTOL (5.8383)

Replica of a true legendary model, the Smith & Wesson M29 produced by Umarex adds another icon to the catalog of co2 weapons.

Faithful to the original model of the 60s, the pistol is produced entirely in metal, shiny with a blue shade, with a 6-shot drum containing brass cases, in which to insert the steel balls cal. 4.5.
It works in both single and double action. Front sight adjustable in elevation and drift.

Model with 3-inch barrel.


Model: Smith & Wesson M29
Power: <7.5 joules
Operation: 12 gr CO2 cans
Barrel: smooth
Caliber: 4.5 mm
Number of shots: 6 steel balls
Barrel length: 76 mm
Total length: 222 mm
Weight: 1.010 kg

NB: The compressed air guns on the site can only be purchased in person at our store. It is not possible to sell by shipping.
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