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GLOCK PISTOL 19X 4,5 Cal. TAN CO2 BB UMAREX (5.8367)

CO2 GUN CAL 4.5mm

Glock, the well-known Austrian brand, has finally given official license for the reproduction of original logos on air pistols. This type of pistol is considered the best weapon by law enforcement and military personnel around the world thanks to its unsurpassed reliability and low weight.

Features that are also found in its most faithful reproduction in 4.5 mm caliber, the techno-polymer body and the metal carriage make it identical to the real one even in weight.
Glock describes the G19X as his first "crossover pistol". Combine the full-size chassis of the G17 with the compact undercarriage of the G19. In this case, the special Coyote color distinguishes it from other models.

Blowback, equipped with a removable magazine with a capacity of 18 steel spherical shots.


Model: Glock G19X
Power: <7.5 joules
Operation: 12 gr CO2 cans
Scarrellante: Yes
Barrel: smooth
Caliber: 4.5 mm
Number of shots: 18 spherical
Total length: 190 mm
Weight: 660 gr

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