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The Shun Engetsu (full moon) kitchen knife by KAI , is a limited and exclusive series to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Shun brands.
Limited series of 906 pieces worldwide, exclusively marked with a serial number on the end cap.

Limited edition
Type: Shun Engetsu cuisine
Blade length: 20cm
Handle: 14cm

The blade design highlights the different cutting sensations in its three zones, heel, center and toe, to offer the user specific performance where required. The massive and intense construction of the blade in the central part allows an optimal detachment of the food and a precise cut. The toe and heel have superior strength and durability.
Two types of steel with different properties are forged in 71-layer Damascus: the flexible and resistant VG2 steel and the particularly hard VG10 steel allow the blade to cut symmetrically on both sides and offer excellent sharpening, lasting and persistent.

The ergonomically shaped handle is comfortable to grip thanks to its light and ergonomic line. The forged metal in the handle gives the knife a solid feel of stability and creates a counterweight to the blade for optimal control.
Its blue and black Pakkawood handle make it a warm and sumptuous knife.

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